Frequenly Asked Questions

What makes WROUGHT IRON SHOP doors different from others?

Other iron doors are usually thin and lightweight 1.5mm to 1.9mm, come without glass, and have a fibreglass or aluminium threshold which is caulked between the door jams and can lead to water infiltration.

All of the WROUGHT IRON SHOP doors:

  • have an operating glass panel
  • have 50mm thick door panels providing a stronger, safer door.
  • have 3mm frames & hinge stiles, making our doors nearly 30% stronger than other cheaply made wrought iron doors.
  • come with impact tested, double glazed, tempered, insulated low-E glass in clear or patterned options.
  • have foam-filled frames and door panels for a superior R-factor which helps lower your heating and cooling costs.
  • have a hammered iron threshold built in, providing extra protection from water infiltration and keeping the door square in the opening.
  • offer world class safety and block out the outside noise.
  • our superior hinges are a post-in-cap ball bearing hinge. Grease fittings on our door hinges keep your doors operating as easily as the day it was installed.
  • Have a custom roller latch for easy door closing, others do not have this.

“You get what you pay for” has never been truer than when purchasing a wrought iron door. When it comes to safety, quality, service and value, intelligent homeowners recognise only one name – WROUGHT IRON SHOP.

What shape doors can you make and what iron patterns are available?

We have up to 80 doors in our gallery or we can custom design a door just for you! Your project is only limited by your imagination.

Are the doors heavy and hard to open?

NO – because of our special ball-bearing hinges these doors are easy to open and close. Some homeowners claim they are easier than their old timber doors!

Can I put one of your doors in my existing home?

Yes! Our doors can be made to order. We can make our doors to the exact dimension of your existing door opening.

What is a standard size door?

SINGLE door between:
WIDTH from 800mm – 1000mm
HEIGHT from 2040mm to 2400mm

DOUBLE door between:
WIDTH from 1600mm – 1800mm
HEIGHT from 2040mm to 2400mm

All of our doors are custom made to suit your opening.

Do these doors come with a warranty?

Absolutely! In fact, our 2/10 warranty is the best of any iron door manufacturer. A limited 10 year warranty on door structure and 2 years on the finish.

How do I clean my door?

Our glass panels swing open! Swinging the panels open provides complete access to both sides of the glass for cleaning. It also means you can open the glass panels anytime for ventilation or conversation without ever unlocking your secure WROUGHT IRON SHOP doors.

The screens are magnetic (unless customised) for easy access to clean the wrought iron panels.

How long does it take to get my door made?

If you order one of our doors that are in inventory we can install in a matter of days. If you custom order a special door, it will take approximately 10-14 weeks from the end of the month that the order is placed.

Are these doors BAL rated?

Yes! BAL rating approved up-to 40! Our doors are made custom to your BAL rating needs. We are aware of all necessary legal requirements for each BAL rating.

I heard iron doors sometimes rust. Do yours?

Other door companies apply primer hoping to prevent rust. WROUGHT IRON SHOP doors first use pure zinc galvanising before our catalytic primer is applied making our doors the most rust-resistant iron doors available! Our limited warranty backs up our commitment to quality, 2 years on the finish and a 10 year warranty on door structure.

What about door handles and locks?

Our own hand forged “L” range handles and deadlock come as standard – they are included in the price of your door. We have an upgrade series also available.

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What about the glass?

Included in the price! Our doors come with double glazed and tempered glass – clear, frosted or patterned options.

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What are the benefits of a wrought iron door over a timber door?

An iron door is a unique entrance to your home. Timber doors need extensive maintenance. Timber doors are prone to “moving and changing shape”. Timber doors must be stained and sealed every few years to prevent rotting and keep them looking good. Any door over eight feet tall probably does not have a warranty.

WROUGHT IRON doors need no maintenance, will not change shape or warp and come galvanised for marine grade corrosion protection.

What if I want balustrading or gates to match my door?

No problem at all. WROUGHT IRON SHOP also specialises in the production of balustrading, gates and furniture to offer a total package for your project!

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Is installation difficult for the doors?

Not at all! Please see our video section for a door installation guide. Our outer frame of the door, (or in technical terms, our door jambs, head, and threshold) are all welded, therefore, the builder only needs to place the welded outer frame into the opening and drill it together with the wall. Our mounting tabs are adjustable, therefore our outer frame allows small room of difference between the door opening and outer door frame. The rest is just installing the door and glass panels within the outer frame.

We recommend to use our exclusive installer.
Accent Installations – 0422 959 4410

What currency do you accept and use for payments?

All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.